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Sure-Fit Dog Muzzles - Set of 8

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The sure fit dog muzzle greatly reduces the risk of dog bites with our new line of tear proof fabric muzzles. Proguard has specially designed a unique muzzle for all breeds. Made of strong nylon that can be sterilized by washing. It is only necessary to adjust the strap once. After fitting, use the quick- release buckle to remove and put the muzzle on again.

#1--Size 1
For Toy Poodle, Westie, Fox Terrier. 4.25" Circumference at Snout. Weight 9 to 25lbs.

#2--Size 2
For Beagles, Cocker Spaniel. 6" Circumference at Snout. Weight 25 to 50lbs.

#3--Size 3
For German Shepherd, Boxer, Lab. 7" Circumference at Snout. Weight 50 to 80 lbs.

#4--Size 4
For Great Dane, St. Bernard. 9" Circumference at Snout. Weight over 80lbs.

#5--Size 5
For Large Dog-Wolfhound. 8.5" Circumference at Snout. Long muzzle.

Designed for mildly aggressive dogs only. Practical usage recommended. Use only with direct supervision. Never leave your dog unattended. Using a muzzle for an extended period of time can interfere with your dog's natural cooling system.

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Sure-Fit Dog Muzzles - Set of 8

$36.95 USD

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