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  • Sale -44% SureGrip Undercoat Shedding Rake - Shedding Rake

    Sure Grip SureGrip Undercoat Shedding Rake - Shedding Rake

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    Features 2 row pins, 1 short, 1 long, for optimal reach of undercoat hair.

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  • Andis Pro Grade Fine-Tooth Deshedding Rake

    Andis Andis Pro Grade Fine-Tooth Deshedding Rake

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    The Andis Fine Tooth Deshedding Rake maintains the coat without damage to the topcoat. Used by professionals, stainless steel teeth help remove the excess fur to promote a healthy coat. The ergonomic, no-slip grip sits? comfortably in your hand, whether you’re taming terrier coats or deshedding a cat in? the salon. This high-quality Andis tool not only keeps fur fresh, it also reduces shedding by up to 90%.

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  • Sale -48% SureGrip Mat Buster - Mat Buster

    Sure Grip SureGrip Mat Buster - Mat Buster

    This tool is for removing tough mats and tangles without losing coat length. The Mat Buster features 10 blades to help you navigate through mats and tangles. The blade cartridge is reversible so it can be used by both rightys and leftys. The ergonomic handle is comfortable and features spots for you to put your index finger on the front and thumb on the back for total control of the tool. On both sides you will see flexible black rubber which adds extra comfort and allows you to keep a firm grip on the tool. The overall length of the Mat Buster is 7″ from the top of the tool to the bottom of the handle.


  • Andis Deshedding Tool

    Andis Andis Deshedding Tool

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    Helvetica Verdana; font-size: 12px; line-height: normal;\">Reduce shedding up to 90%. Removes undercoat without scratching the skin. Ideal for all dog sizes. "Reduce shedding up to 90%. Removes undercoat without scratching the skin. Ideal for all dog sizes. "Watch the video to learn more about Andis Deshedding Tools.Material: Steel and PlasticSize: 6¼"L x 3"W x 1¼"H

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  • Wooden Handle Rake

    Pet-Agree Wooden Handle Rake

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    The heavy duty rake is great for medium to long coated breeds, reducing the loose under coat. The contoured wood handle provides an easy grip to help get into thick undercoats and rounded prongs ensure comfort for your dog.Size is 6.3" wide - long (length) 6.5" Features: • High quality stainless steel cutter blade, one-way edge , reduce the floating hair easily • Adopt stainless steel screw cap to fix the rake head , firm and durable , quality assurance • Handle according to the human body engineering design , environmental protection and non slip handshake • Wooden Handle Pet Grooming Rake Comb, make pets life more convenience

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  • Sale -53% SureGrip Mat Buster - Replacement Blades

    Sure Grip SureGrip Mat Buster - Replacement Blades

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    Replacement blade for the SureGrip MatBuster tool.

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  • De-matting Rake (Heavy Duty)

    Millers Forge De-matting Rake (Heavy Duty)

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    Dematting rakes and combs are dual-purpose tools that help remove dead undercoat quickly and efficiently. The stainless steel teeth help prevent mats while they cut through knots and mats without damaging the pets coat length.

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  • Artero Deshedding Tool

    Artero Artero Deshedding Tool

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    DescriptionSpecifically designed for wired-coats. Simply and effectively removes undercoat.

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  • Sale -46% SureGrip Double Sided Coat Rake - Fine-Medium 18 Tooth

    Sure Grip SureGrip Double Sided Coat Rake - Fine-Medium 18 Tooth

    Unique dematting tool has double sided stainless steel blades, fine on one side and coarse on the other, to remove mats, tangles, and knots without losing coat length.


  • Lightweight Designer Series - Small

    Millers Forge Lightweight Designer Series - Small

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    Designer series soft slicker grooming brushes Featherweight lightness helps reduce hand fatigue Soft slicker pet grooming brush feature sleek european styling Comes in small size, extremely light handle shaped for comfort and high-quality stainless steel pins brushhead measure 3-1/2" length by 2" width & pin surface measures 3" length by 1-1/2" width

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  • Andis Dematting Rake

    Andis Andis Dematting Rake

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    • Reduces shedding up to 90% while maintaining a damage-free topcoat. • Ergonomic handle for all-day salon use. Removing dead hair and eliminating tangles.

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  • Andis Compact Deshedding - Small

    Andis Andis Compact Deshedding - Small

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    Descriptioncompact version of the best-selling Andis Original De-shedding Tool. Ideal size for toy, small and medium breeds from Chihuahuas to smaller Terriers, or anyone wanting a smaller head width for more targeted removal. 17 blades across a 2 inch width head. 5.5cm wx 15 cm h (including handle)Recommended for all high-shed breeds & for non-shedding coats that need thinning, especially those with dense yet fine undercoats that tend to make clipper blades 'chew' instead of cut the coat. Lovely tool for high-shed coats like the Cavalier. Reduces shedding by up to 90% without harming the top coat or skin. A favorite for dense yet soft undercoats, like the Shih Tzu & Schnauzer coat types, with wider spaced teeth than the Premium Fine De-shedding Rake to more easily get through extra-dense coats. Effectively, painlessly removes retained undercoat & loose hair with ease. Excellent for bulk removal of undercoat, especially when prepping clients dogs who have not been regularly brushing at home, or for home users dealing with easily matted, tangle-prone coats or those wanting to dramatically reduce shedding around the home. Use weekly during high-shed times such as between seasons.

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